All About Steve


With a voice that transcends time and gives you the soul of Motown mixed with the funk of the 70’s and the heart of Gospel, Steve Epting is working hard to ensure that his name is someday etched in time alongside the greats that have inspired him musically. While only in his mid-20’s, Epting has already been on the run with some of today’s biggest icons from Beyonce & Jay-Z to Demi Lovato.

In addition to traveling the world as a supporting vocalist for the stars, Epting also serves as an assistant director, conductor, and vocal arranger for Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir, and is featured on the Platinum “Jesus Is Born” album released Christmas, 2019.

Just in the last two years alone, Epting embarked upon his first world tour, performed opera’s at the New York City Lincoln Center and the Hollywood Bowl, and performed at Coachella twice. The best part is this young Chicagoan has only just begun! He is now ready to introduce the world to his voice and his sound as he steps into the spotlight to release his music! Stay Tuned!

  • Coachella 2018/2019 (BeyChella/Kanye Sunday Service)
  • Homecoming (Beyoncé)
  • Demi LovatoPromo Tour (Sorry Not Sorry, Tell Me You Love Me)
  • Sunday Service (Jesus Is King/Jesus Is Born) (Nebuchadnezzar/Mary Operas/Composer & Conductor)
  • Waco Wearable Arts Gala 3rd Year (Vocal Contractor/Director/Vocal Arranger)
  • OTR II (Beyoncé & Jay-Z)
  • Mandela 100 Global Citizens Festival (2018)
  • Latin American Music Awards
  • Stevie Wonders Wedding
  • The Gift (Lion King Record, Spirit, Grammy Nominated Song)
  • Jared’s Holiday Commercials (Christmas & Valentine’s Day
  • Disney’s Festival of Holidays (The Sound Vocal Arranger)

Born and raised on Chicago’s south side, Steve Epting is now creating a name for himself in pop music. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, the classically trained vocalist, only in his mid-20’s, has already toured the world as a supporting vocalist to the stars.  Growing up as a pastor’s kid, Epting’s musical journey began early. Little did he know that the years spent leading and directing choirs was preparing him to share the stage with some of today’s biggest icons such as Beyonce & Jay-Z, as well as Kanye West & Demi Lovato.

Epting has worked as a contracted vocalist on shows such as America’s Got Talent and the Latin American Music Awards.  He’s performed at Coachella and On The Run II Tour with Beyonce and Jay Z (2018), and Coachella with Kanye West and the Sunday Service Collective (2019).  He was featured in Beyonce’s “Homecoming” film, as well as her recording of the Grammy-Nominated song “Spirit” from the Lion King remake.

In addition to working as a supporting vocalist for artists, Steve is also a vocal arranger/producer. He has vocally arranged shows for Disneyland’s Festival of Holidays (2017 – 2020) and W.A.C.O. Theater’s 2019 Wearable Arts Gala. He has also written, vocal produced and arranged for Kanye West’s Sunday Services, operas, and albums “Jesus Is King” and “Jesus Is Born”.

While Steve enjoys supporting some of his favorite artists, he is ready to invite the world into his own artistry! His new debut single, “Willing”, is released and shining a bright light on what’s ahead for this up and coming artist.